The technical features

Some simple devices allow us to extend the life of our products

- Before to utilize our product for the firts time, please, entirely deep it in to water for 12 hours, and then let it dry spontaneousely and completely in a up side down position.

- We reccomand to use to scatter the flame underneath the item in order to better distribute the heat, please avoid thermic shocks.
It is necessary to start to cook at a low temperature.

- Remove the stubborn dirt with hot water, the help of an abrasive sponge, possibly not a metal one, and in extreme cases a natural detergent.

- Our products are dishwasher safe.

- All rounded shape products can be utilized on top to the direct fire flame, on the electric base, ovenproof, microwave, while, the other shapes such as oval, rectangular,etc. we suggest not to use them on direct fire flame.

- After the washing of the item after the use of it, you should let it dry up side down possible in an aired space.

- The "Le Forme" products provide the best cooking results for long and slowly cooking process such as: soups, legumes, cereals, boiled courses, tomato souces, marmelades and jams. Our products,improve the cooking results of the food,to the one obtained with the use of cooking utensils,made with other materials.

- The food obtained through the cooking of it with our utensils gain the advantage of the homogeneous heat widespread not only on the base of the pot but also on the sides of it with a stable uniformity.

- The use of wood cooking utensils is suggested,to cook in our items,as it will not be altered by flavour relised from metals or plastics tools.

- The "Le Forme\ products maintain a certain heat for a while when fire or heat is off, so it is to be considered the necessary cooking time and the evtual ending of the cooking with the heat maintained by our products.

- It should also be kept in mind that cooking with our products guarantee the healties way to cook as the food is having contact with natural material totally non-poisonous.

- The creasing that appears in the inside part of the product, created by the porosity of the materials give resistance to the fire and heat and to the bound of the temperature.